About us

Our approach is to think outside of the box and across borders. In doing so, we don’t believe in borders but in bonds. Through smart and efficient digital solutions, we overcome geographic limitations and easily connect companies and freelancers. We simplify their communication to make the stand-building industry more transparent. This way you have the freedom of choice to work with whomever, whenever and wherever you want.

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Many years of extensive experience in stand-building, have made the company’s founder, Jakob Ulcnik, aware of its various daily challenges. By observing a lack of transparency, efficiency and accountability, the idea for doing business differently was born. To fill these needs, together with Tibor Strausz, he created a unique online platform that seeks to revolutionize the world of stand-building. Our dream for the future does not contain barriers, but rather involves bringing people closer together.

Job openings

Marketing and Communications Manager

Are you a commercial talent, interested in the rapid growth opportunities and freedom within a tech start-up?  StandBystand is an online marketplace focused
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Front-end Developer

Do you want to work in a small team? With a lot of freedom, direct influence on the product and do you want
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Marketing Intern

We are standBystand, startup that is rejuvenating the process of hiring stand-builders in exhibition industry. What do we mean by exhibition industry, we’re
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