standBystand at BOE International 2020

Together with ESG, the service partner of the trade show and events industry in Germany, standBystand participated at the BOE International 2020 in Dortmund. Its focus is to carefully select a supplier pool in order to create (monetary) advantages for the companies in the cooperative. standBystand, as a supplier for qualitative and local labour, exhibited at BOE Int. 2020 as ESG’s cooperative member.

The exhibition’s key issue for this year was technology. standBystand thus considered BOE Int. to be the ideal spot to present our digital marketplace. Through our digital solution that connects stand-building freelancers and teams with stand-building companies, standBystand aims to make the exhibition industry more efficient and transparent. On this occasion, founder Jakob Ulcnik was giving a lecture about the shortcomings in the exhibition industry and its opportunities for improvement – through a technological approach.

Participating at the trade fair BOE Int. was a great opportunity for connecting with (German) stand-building companies as well as other ESG members, and for learning even more about how our product can help improve the exhibition industry.